Top 5 Teething Toys That Helped My Sanity!

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For someone who has really struggled with ‘teething‘, I have tried and tested numerous chew-able items on my son. He has just been (and still is) one of those babies who suffers…somewhat dramatically, whenever a tooth is looming.
We’re not just talking floods of drool and cute rosy cheeks…we have full blown meltdowns, screaming out of nowhere and generally trying to be the loudest child possible in a public place. I can laugh about it now (on a good day), but when the next one comes calling…I am frankly, a nervous wreck. It drains me, emotionally, and I often find myself reaching for the wine or chocolate on those occasions…not the best coping mechanism.

When my mummy friends find themselves in the same situation…they will always ask ‘what helps?’ If anything…

Thankfully, there are a few teething toys that DID and DO help my son, and if they can help someone else, then I’m all for sharing!


1. The infamous Sophie la girafe.

This was bought for me as a gift, and is one of those things that IS as good as it’s reputation. Sometimes, these types of toys sell well just because everyone knows them, so I wasn’t expecting miracles. However, my son was chewing on this long-necked specimen before he could even hold her for himself. He loves the rubbery texture, the squeak in makes and all the different shaped parts to her body which must soothe those gums nicely!

2. The Gummee Glove

Again, this is ‘award winning’ and an obvious one, but there is clearly a reason that it wins awards. My partner actually ordered this one when we were really struggling for sleep in our house. Our son was around 4 or 5 months old and was teething horrendously. The issue was that he was still too young to hold onto things confidently by himself and so would chew them but need them putting back in. He was also sucking and chewing on his fist and sleeves, so this seemed genius! Actually…it was the heart shaped rubbery bit that can detach that then became his best friend! It ended up being high on our priority list when packing that changing bag!

3. The Nuby Bug-A-Loop

Yet another gift…I’m sensing a trend here and beginning to wonder if all my friends and family could see I was in dire need of some help! This one was given to us really early on and his first tooth hadn’t broken through, so it seemed a bit hard for his baby gums…but actually, he loved it and for some reason, that solid feel must have really helped cut those teeth because he would really bite down.

4. The Teething Necklace

This was one of the last teethers I bought (for myself!) I wanted something I could wear at this point as he was constantly grabbing my necklaces and tops. I wore it every day because I was breastfeeding and he would not just use it as a teether, but also play with it when feeding and it was a brilliant distraction from other shiny objects. The rubbery texture and size of the beads were brilliant for him to chew on. I loved it because everyone would comment that it looked like a real necklace, I chose monochrome colours so that it would go with everything…but there are a variety to choose from! It has a safety clasp so it unclips if they pull too hard and it just stopped the scratching and hair pulling as he got a little older! Definitely a well used purchase.

5. The Toothbrush

And last…but definitely not least, the unlikely teether. The first toothbrush! Once my son had his first two teeth through, the second two were on their way about a month later so we already knew we better start teaching him young that teeth need to be looked after. I didn’t think we would now be using it as our ‘go to’ item when he began screaming again though…but it is. The chewable toothbrush has become his new best friend now that he has some more teeth and if handed to him in the middle of a crying fit, he will take it happily and sit there chewing away as though butter wouldn’t melt. It’s been a game changer!

These 5 items have really helped me along our teething journey, from the super early days of soft gums to having lots of little shiny pegs. I’d love to know if you’ve used any of these or go ahead and use them after reading this and how they helped your bundle of…joy 😉

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